The Problem

During the operation of leather draining machines, the metallic walls are constantly exposed to a series of aggressive chemicals such as caustic soda, sulfuric acid, chromium salts, and sulfides, which attack and cause damage via oxidation. In this particular case, the metal walls of this leather draining machine had moderate oxidation and corrosion.

Solutions that Work

Located in Barranquilla, Colombia, Curtiembres BUFÁLO, has been the leading leather processing company in Colombia for more than 40 years. To preserve one of its leather draining machines and protect it from future corrosion, the company contacted IMANTT Solutions. As the exclusive MCOR distributor for Colombia, IMANTT specializes in high-performance coatings and cold-weld repair compounds. José Luis Ramírez, Technical Sales Engineer (TSE) for IMANTT, evaluated the machinery. Based on the condition of the metal walls, he proposed the use of MCOR 1298 | mCoat IM Plus to rehabilitate and protect the structure.

Products that Out-Perform

MCOR 1298 | mCoat IM Plus was selected as the best solution to rehabilitate the metal walls of this leather draining machine. This two-component ultra-high chemical-resistant phenolic novolac epoxy incorporates the latest advancements in monomer-phenolic chemistry. It provides high-functional dense crosslinking with near-zero permeability for sustained protection in continuous chemical immersion, and it has excellent resistance to concentrated acids, alkalis, most solvents, and hydrocarbons. MCOR 1298 provides an excellent seamless-monolithic lining to seal and provide barrier containment from the environment. It provides impact, blush, and chemical resistance as well as UV tolerance in a smooth, high-gloss film. Because MCOR 1298 can be applied by brush, roller, or spray, it offers applicators tremendous usability and ease of application. It is self-priming, and it ties back into itself indefinitely for long-term sustainability.

No Nonsense Applications

Surface preparation began by hydro-blasting the substrate to remove grease, oils, and other contaminants from the surface. Next, the surface was mechanically cleaned with grate metal and sandpaper to obtain a suitable anchorage profile for the coating application.

Once the surface preparation was complete, Parts A and B were mixed in proportions according to specifications. After obtaining a uniform mixture, the product was immediately applied to the metal walls of the draining machine. MCOR 1298 was applied at a thickness of 40 mils, thickness and the machine was returned to service after 72 hours.

Final Look

The simple application of MCOR 1298 allowed this machinery to be restored rather than replaced, saving Curtiembres BUFÁLO time and money. All parties involved in this rehabilitation were pleased with the ease of application and the results of the refurbished machinery, which will provide for years of protection and preservation.

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PROJECT: Rehabilitation of Leather Draining Machine using MCOR 1298
OWNER: Curtiembres BUFÁLO
DATE: July 2017
PRODUCTS: MCOR 1298 | mCoat IM Plus:
LOCATION: Barranquilla, Colombia