MCOR 5511 | mCrete Corpac

MCOR 5511 | mCrete Corpac is an ultra-light weight, structural-grade polymer packing grout. The 5511 is a synthesized epoxy-acrylic copolymer microceramic designed to achieve high physical properties while remaining ultra-light weight. The material solves application challenges requiring deep structural fill permanency, extreme vertical build-up and/or high build overhead hanging. This has been achieved by MCOR due to the latest developments of material science, incorporating advanced ultra-light weight reinforcement without sacrificing strength or performance; and in many cases when combined with cutting-edge polymerization, such as found with the MCOR 5511, performance strength increases. The material delivers unprecedented hanging ability (circa 20–25 cm or 8-10 inches overhead per pass), exhibits high compressive strength, and creates incredible substrate breaking bond strength to masonry and concrete.

MCOR 5511 | mCrete Corpac has truly dynamic capabilities and provides long-term confidence. The 5511 is an intensely strong, yet feather-weight kinetic polymer grout. Its tailorability is also one of the biggest advantages. The material can be manipulated and molded into any shape or form in order to be applied in areas requiring a sealed, ultra-light-weight, high strength solution. Once cured, it delivers lasting durability, sealed resistance and optimizes the concrete and masonry repair section which cannot afford to fail. MCOR’s R&D efforts affords you the latest technology in light weight polymer science, allowing today’s users to engage with an engineered epoxy-acrylic copolymer microceramic in order to address the challenges of deep spall repairs, including restoration requiring extreme overhead and vertical hanging capability.



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  • Repair, restoration, and rebuilding of deteriorated concrete and masonry requiring permanent repair
  • High build application of deep spalled concrete (especially vertical and overhead)
  • Rehabilitation of structural ceilings, columns, pilings, walls, balconies and railings
  • Epoxy-grade encapsulation of exposed reinforcing bars
  • Decorative or ornate moldings and cosmetic repairs
  • Exceptional bonding material for concrete, brick, masonry, stone, or brick
  • Protection against water and chemical infiltration


  • Shapeable tailorability
  • Can be cut and dressed for refined shaping
  • Apply by hand or with simple tools
  • Early development cure for reduced down time
  • Ultra-high-build and overhead hanging capabilities
  • Tenacious bond strength
  • Pre-proportioned mixing kit
  • Minimal to zero shuttering, forms, or support required
  • No shrinkage regardless of thickness
  • Sealed and corrosion-resistant
  • 100% solids, no VOCs
  • High compressive strength

Kit Offerings

3 Kilo Unit (1 x 3kg, LGY)
1 x 2.5kg, MCOR 5511 Part-A, Light Grey
1 x 500g, MCOR 5511 Part-B

Volume Capacity:  1 kg of mixed mCrete Corpac yields 1,89 cubic cm (115

Color:  Light grey (LGY)

mCrete Corpac incorporates the latest advances in polymerization synthesis, combined with next generation material science to deliver both lightweight structural capabilities and high strength reinforcement. Corpac represents advances in kinetic amalgamated systems utilizing ultra-lightweight thixotropes and reinforcement to deliver a high build, high strength epoxy compound for the most challenging and deepest cavity repair needs.

mCrete Corpac is formulated with a specific grouping of ultra-lightweight performance materials and advanced polymers. The material is the ultimate structural-grade void filler. Once mixed, the shapeable material can be packed into deep crevasses or spalls. The 5511 exhibits incredible bond strength and hanging capabilities up to 20 – 25 cm (8 – 10 inches) without sag or slump. This can be achieved by hand or trowel/spatula without pulling off your tools.

mCrete Corpac is built to last, not a temporary solution. The organic material “lives” with substrate cycles, vibrations, and any other natural cyclical effects. Unlike heavy, inorganic, rigid materials that exhibit zero tensile elongation, the mCrete Corpac will not shrink or dislodge. The surrounding concrete will often fail before the 5511 releases its bond. This solution ensures ROI where concrete and masonry infrastructure repairs are in constant demand.


Introducing MCOR 5511 | mCrete Corpac