3000 Series

MCOR 3330 | mClad Ceramic Metal

MCOR 3330 (mClad Ceramic Metal) is two component ceramic reinforced silicon-modified epoxy compound. Thixotropic with high molecular weighing reactive polymers and oligomers; the molecular ceramic is utilized as a trowel grade paste-like polymer to restore, repair and reclaim metal components of engineering grade machinery, equipment, and other mechanical components.



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  • Oversized bearing / bush housings
  • Cavitated impellers / propellers
  • Fractured and holed casings / blocks
  • Corrosion cells and tank leaks
  • Scored hydraulic rams
  • Sloppy keyways
  • Scored machine beds
  • Flange faces
  • Fractured pipes
  • Undersized / scored shafts
  • Pitted and warped valves


  • Machinable
  • 100% solid
  • Ease of application
  • Neutral fillers, great electrical insulation
  • Minimize cathodic disbondment
  • For all metals
  • Extended working time
  • Convenient 1:1 ratio by volume

Kit Offerings

2 Kilo Kit (Multi-unit, S2-GRY)
MCOR  3330 (2 x 1 kg units, GRY)

Volume Capacity:  1 kg of mixed yeilds 750 cm3.
Coverage:  1 kilogram covers 1335 cm2 at 1 cm. thickness



  • Fill, repair, machine

Steel assets exposed to abrasion

  • Fill, repair, resurface, machine


The mCladTM Ceramic Metal provides advanced wear resistance cladding and sealed corrosion protection with neutral conductivity and fillers.  It may be drilled, tooled, tapped, filed or machined for repair of equipment and parts that may require precision finishing and dressing.  Once cured, the material replaces worn or lost metal and restores metallic profile with poly-mechanical bonding and reinforcing as a cold-weld alternative.