Series of Products

MCOR prides itself with aligned product offerings and solutions organized in 5 SERIES.  Grouped into high performance coatings and industrial lining, then into polymer repair groups.  In addition to the distinct product groups, MCOR also offers an ACCESSORIES Series for products and tools to facilitate epoxy and polymer applications.

1000 Series | mCoat

Industrial-grade Protective Coatings

High performance coatings for protection of mechanical components in harsh environments.

MCOR 1230 | mCoat IM HTImmersion-grade, high temperature, titanium modified, silicone-epoxy hybrid coating (up to 230 °C / 446 °F)

MCOR 1298 | mCoat IM PlusImmersion-grade, 100% novolac protection for high chemical resistance.

2000 Series | mPlait

Advanced Performance Ceramic Coatings

Advanced ceramic coatings for high abrasion areas of internal pump and flow components.

MCOR 2101 | mPlait MP – Brushable ceramic filled novolac for high abrasion coating (self-leveling, medium precision film build).

MCOR 2555 | mPlait X – Brushable ceramic filled novolac for high abrasion coating (high film build for the harshest abrasion areas).

3000 Series | mClad

Reclaiming & Cladding Polymers

Advanced, high build repair polymers for precision reclaiming, metal filling, and high build wear cladding.

MCOR 3115 | mClad mFill – Multipurpose, metal filler and metal repair paste.

MCOR 3310 | mClad Metal – Machinable and tooling-grade metal paste for reclaiming, repair, filling and re-dressing metal loss areas (ferrous metal grade).

MCOR 3330 | mClad Ceramic Metal – Machinable and tooling-grade ceramic paste for reclaiming, repair, filling and re-dressing metal loss areas (inert, for any metal).

MCOR 3880 | mClad xWear Alumina –  A two-component, solvent–free, self-priming moisture insensitive epoxy compound, comprised of advanced resins with blended ceramics and aluminum oxide.

4000 Series | mFlex

Polymeric Elastomers

Repair and life extension of flexible components.

MCOR 4282 | mFlex HD RubberizerHigh durometer, brushable-grade, fluid rubberizing liner. Industrial-grade flexible elastomeric coating with extensive versatility.

MCOR 4911 | mFlex Rapid RbbrRapid curing, industrial-grade rubber repair compound.  Formulated to quickly repair flexible components with quick return-to-service.  Great for both horizontal fluid casting and also vertical applications with the same product.

5000 Series | mCrete

Polymeric Cements

Repair and life extension of concrete and masonry components.

MCOR 5511 | mCrete Corpac – Light weight, epoxy based repair polymer (ultra-high hanging ability for deep filling and packing, including overhead and vertical)

MCOR 5555 | mCrete FloGrout – Flowable slurry grade epoxy compound (level-grade cladding repair / form and pour grade)

MCOR Accessories

Primers, cleaners, thinners, and release agents.

MCOR InstaFIX Epoxy Stick – two-component, steel reinforced, amphibious (dry and underwater grade) ready-to-use emergency “cold” repair polymer compound putty-stick.

MCOR EXT Underwater Epoxy Stick– two-component, fiber reinforced, ready-to-use wet or underwater “cold” repair polymer compound putty-stick.

MCOR PRIMECOAT MTe – Solvent-based epoxy base coat and primer for steel.

MCOR PRIMECOAT SE – Solvent-based epoxy base coat and primer for concrete and masonry.

MCOR #1 Reduction – Blended solvent for thinning and reducing.

MCOR MP Release Agent – A convenient, liquid sealing agent and release agent in one.  Will facilitate the release of cured MCOR products from concrete, stone, brick, wood, metal, and other surfaces.