About MCOR

MCOR is a brand of Epoxytec International Inc. MCOR offers advanced mechanical polymers designed primarily for maintenance, repair and protection of industrial structures, mechanical components and equipment. The niche focus addresses engineer-grade reclaiming, repair and protection of industrial assets. Advanced polymer kits are sold typically to mechanical shops, maintenance personnel, and other end-users who often seek a welding alternative or have cold-welding needs combined with maintenance repair needs utilizing polymer epoxies, urethanes, etc. These key target customers often seek to reclaim lost metal, repair warped of worn mechanical components, utilize emergency field repair kits, service pumps or fluid handling process equipment, and restore mason related structures, etc.

Industries such as mining, energy, oil and gas, food and beverage, marine, municipal water and wastewater, and many more; exhibiting high rates of wear due to moving mechanical parts, aggressive handling of fluids, steam, heat, chemicals or aggregate. The MCOR product line serves to keep them operating with a rapid return to service which preserves their assets and allow them to run again, better, and longer.



MCOR, a brand of Epoxytec International Inc., was originally established by Joe Caputi with core products developed in 1990. The company’s history demonstrates experience, resilience, and drive for excellence in the protective coating industry.  Read More