3000 Series

MCOR 3115 | mClad mFill

MCOR 3115 (mClad mFill) is a two-component, high strength, extremely forgiving/tolerant, vertical and overhead, non-sag, fast set epoxy paste, packaged in a convenient 1:1 mix ratio to use a general industrial grade repair, reclaiming, resurfacing, patch filler for metal.  Epoxy-based, and highly modified with fibers and ceramics, the material is a durable, sealed protective solution to combat corrosion.



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  • Oversized mating and gaps
  • Metallic faces and filling
  • Fractured pipes and components
  • Pitted metal reclaiming
  • Anchoring and adhesive
  • Fractured, holed, leaking trays, tanks, hulls or vessels
  • Other metal filling, repair, and reclamation needs


  • Ease-of-application
  • 100% solid
  • Ceramic filled, fiber reinforced
  • For all metals
  • Able to feather and taper
  • Convenient 1:1 ratio
  • Surface tolerance
  • High build, non-sag
  • Sealed corrosion resistance

Kit Offerings

4 Kilo Kit (Multi-unit, S2-DGY)
MCOR 3115 (2 x 2 kg unit, DGY)
15 Kilo Kit (Multi-unit, L2-DGY)
MCOR 3115 (2 x 7.5 kg unit, DGY)

Volume Capacity:  1 kg of mixed yeilds 878 cm3.
Coverage:  1 kilogram covers 1,143 cm2 at 1 cm. thickness
DGY=Dark Grey



  • Fill, repair

Steel assets exposed to abrasion

  • Fill, repair, resurface


The mClad mFill provides point-of-use application to save time and material.  Highly tolerant for challenging areas, including wet.  The material has a wide variety of applications, and is often sought for steel, and other metal repairs, filling, patching, and as a bonding adhesive.