1000 Series

MCOR 1298 | mCoat IM Plus

MCOR 1298 (mCoat IM Plus) is a two-component ultra-high chemical resistant phenolic novolac epoxy. Novolac technology is best-in-class for high chemical environments. Incorporating the latest advancements in monomer-phenolic chemistry, this modified novolac material provides high functional dense crosslinking with near-zero permeability for sustained protection in continuous chemical immersion. It has excellent resistance to concentrated acids, as well as alkalis, and most solvents and hydrocarbons.

mCoat IM Plus has been designed to specifically protect, seal, and outperform in environments which are immersed or experience flow or splash. Provides terrific seamless, monolithic lining to seal and provide barrier containment from environment. Excellent smooth film, high gloss, impact resistance, blush resistance, chemical resistance, and U.V. tolerance.

Because mCoat IM Plus can be applied by brush, roller, or spray; it provides applicators tremendous usability and ease of application. It is self‐priming and it ties back into itself indefinitely for long-term sustainability.




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  • Primary and secondary containment
  • Interior tanks and vessels
  • Coating immersion pumps and components
  • Exposed assets vulnerable to splash and harsh corrosives
  • Seamless and sealed environmental protective lining
  • Other high chemical, industrial coating and lining


  • 100% solids, no VOCs
  • High density crosslink phenolic novolac
  • Resistant to most concentrate chemicals
  • Good heat & abrasion tolerance
  • Surface tolerant
  • Cold temperature performance
  • Easy to apply by roller, brush or spray
  • Self-priming
  • Self‐leveling
  • High build

Kit Offerings

11 Kilo Unit (1 x 11kg, PE)
1 x 7.3kg, MCOR 1298 Part-A, Pebble
1 x 3.7kg, MCOR 1298 Part-B

The volume capacity of a 1 kg of mixed mCoat IM Plus is 0.93 Liters.

mCoat IM Plus is designed to be applied as a two-coat system. Applied at 410 microns (16 mils) minimum to 635 microns (25 mils) maximum by roller/brush or 1.27 mm (50 mils) maximum by spray, per coat.

mCoat IM Plus is a 100% solid coating that will not shrink. 1.85 m2/kg. at 0.5 mm DFT (20 ft2/kg. at 20 mils DFT). Actual coverage will depend on surface conditions, irregularities, and surface profile.



mCoat IM Plus is:

mCoat IM Plus represents the latest in a 100% solid novolac epoxy technologies. The coating/liner is a highly advanced 2-component polymer with ultra-chemical resistant phenolic resin combined with innovative monomers resulting in dense crosslinking to combat corrosives and chemicals.

The mCoat IM Plus coating system is easy-to-apply by spray, brush, or roller. Conveniently mixes in a 2-to-1 ratio by weight. mCoat IM Plus self-levels, and does not require primer. For long-term maintainability, the mCoat IM Plus system ties back into itself indefinitely with no need for re-blasting or abrasion. mCoat IM Plus is formulated “green,” environmentally friendly, 100% solid (no VOCs, no solvent).

mCoat IM Plus exhibits a high film build per coat depending on the application method and surface. Designed to be utilized as a coating or liner. When lining, the mCoat IM Plus provides a seamless, monolithic liner to contain and protect the environment from any leaks or spills, while meeting requirements for monolithic containment.