2000 Series

MCOR 2555 | mPlait X

MCOR 2555 (mPlait X) is a two-component medium-to-high build ceramic epoxy coating and liner. The mPlait X serves as the most durable ceramic epoxy coating in the 2000 Series.  Ceramics are proven technologies to combat the effects of wear and abrasion.  Combined with advanced curing agents, the cured ceramic material provides incredible resistance to chemical attack.



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  • Fluid flow and aggregate pumps and impellers
  • Dredging equipment lining
  • High flow troughs
  • High velocity frictional protection
  • Pipe elbows
  • Silo and transfer areas
  • Heat exchangers
  • Nozzles, injectors and valves


  • High build, ultra-high abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Heat tolerance
  • Simple to apply
  • 100% solids
  • Surface tolerance

Kit Offerings

1.2 Kilo Kit (2-color Intro Pack)
MCOR  2555 (1 x 600 g unit, DGY)
MCOR  2555 (1 x 600 g unit, LGY)

Volume Capacity:  1 kg of mixed yeilds 670 cm3.
Coverage:  2.9 m²/kg. at 0.5 mm DFT
DGY=Dark Grey
LGY=Light Grey



  • Interior abrasion protection

Steel assets exposed to abrasion

  • Liner for abrasion protection


The 100% solid abrasion resistant coating is applied medium-to-high build film thicknesses with excellent surface tolerances providing great bond strength.  Works well for most industrial application requiring chemical resistance and highest abrasion protection for ceramic epoxies.