MCOR 5555 | mCrete FloGrout

MCOR 5555 (mCrete FloGrout) is a 3‐component, 100% solids, modified epoxy system formulated to produce a surface‐tolerant, chemical resistant, ultra high density epoxy grout. The mCrete FloGrout system is a structurally dense with 123 Mpa (17,800 psi) compressive strength, abrasion resistant, with an enhanced proprietary granular blend of dense media and ceramics. Modified with flow enhanced properties utilized for projects requiring good characteristics for leveling, re‐topping, and/or form-and-pour. The system provides an ultra‐high build material with incredible corrosion protection, wear resistance and overall industrial‐grade strength and durability.




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  • Trowel-based lining
  • Horizontal re-topping
  • Sealed, resistant slab formation
  • Permanent patching and repair
  • Reforming restoration
  • Ultra-high wear area protection
  • Impact protection


  • “Green” – 100% solids, no VOCs
  • Excellent bearing area for even distribution of loads
  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical, corrosion and impact resistance
  • Formulated resilience
  • Excellent adhesion and bond strength
  • Fill and flow, forming characteristics
  • Easy to apply
  • Ultra high build
  • Structural

Kit Offerings

26 Kilo Kit (1 x 26kg)
(1 x 2.3 kg Part A, Can)
(1 x 840 g Part B, Can)
(1 x 23 kg Part C, Bag)

Volume Capacity:  TBD
Coverage: TBD


Concrete Repair