MCOR MP Release Agent

MCOR MP Release Agent is a convenient, liquid sealing agent and release agent in one. This non-flammable, low VOC formula is offered as a “one step” alternative to using a sealing agent followed by a release agent.

MCOR MP Release Agent will facilitate the release of cured MCOR products from concrete, stone, brick, wood, metal and other surfaces.



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  • Mold release and sealing agent
  • Mating and form release
  • Other general releasing needs


  • Low Viscosity Liquid – goes on easily and thoroughly coats any surface when used as directed
  • Easy To Use – Apply with brush or sprayer
  • Non-Hazardous formula – Does not incur hazardous shipping costs
  • Contains No VOC’s
  • Convenient sealer and release agent in one

Kit Offerings

600g Kit (4 x 150g)
4 x 150g, MCOR MP Release Agent (single component)

The volume capacity of 150g unit yields  200mL.



ALL applications requiring release of form, mold, or mating surface.