4000 Series

MCOR 4500 | mFlex Fluid Shock

MCOR 4500 (mFlex Fluid Shock) is a 100% flexible epoxy modified compound.  The two component system is a self-leveling inert filled system incorporating a high degree flexural modulus.  Casting or caulks made with this system exhibit excellent impact resistance, elongation, and adhesion – even at low temperature environments.




  • Machinery and equipment setting
  • Machinery and equipment anchoring bolt vibration cushioning
  • Freezer floorings
  • Impact zones and padding
  • Joint and expansion sealant
  • Flexible adhesive
  • Anti-vibration cast
  • Potting encapsulation


  • 100% solid
  • Neutral fillers, great electrical insulation
  • Quick curing
  • No priming, excellent adhesion
  • Cold temperature performance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Terrific impact and vibration tolerances

Kit Offerings

1.65 Kilo Kit (Multi-unit, S3-AO)
MCOR 4500 (3 x 550 g unit, AO)

Volume Capacity:  The volume capacity of a 1 kg is 690 cm3.
Coverage:  2.9 m2/kg. at 0.5 mm DFT


Impact and vibration mitigation

  • Casting grout
  • Flexible epoxy
  • Terrific impact and vibration tolerances


mFlex Fluid Shock is often sought for it’s incredible impact resistance, tensile strength, and for areas requiring vibration absorption.