The Problem

The concrete bases surrounding these steel water tanks located at Emporia Municipal Water in Emporia, Kansas, were collecting water from rain and snow. If frozen, the liquid could prevent the water towers from properly expanding causing damage to the structures. Gil Carlon of Spectra Industrial / MCOR Midwest, distributor of MCOR products in Kansas and Missouri, was consulted for a solution.

Solutions that Work

Due to the irregularities of the troughs’ inside walls which varied from 5”- 2½”, and the depth of the concrete base structure, Gil decided to handle this project as a very large expansion joint. He recommended using MCOR 4060 due to its self-leveling features, ease of application, and excellent expansion properties.

Products that Out-Perform

MCOR 4060 | mFlex MD Fluid Elastomer is a medium-durometer, 100% solid, flexible fluid-grade, urethane-acrylate epoxy hybrid sealant with zero-isocyanate. It is a two component high performance elastomer specifically designed to repair, fabricate, and seal industrial movement-area-joints, rubbers, plastics, mating faces, and expansion/contraction areas. Because of its fluid form, it provides an excellent casting-grade elastomer. Its formulation provides extraordinary tolerance to chemicals, wear, abrasion, and degradation while exhibiting elongation, strength, and robust industrial-grade sealing.

No Nonsense Applications

First, the standing water from the base was extracted, and any soft, deteriorating substrate was knocked loose. The exterior tank wall was then cleaned and mechanically abraded, and MCOR Solvent Primer was applied. Backer boards made of 1½” x 4’ x 8’ sheets of closed-cell foam were put in place. Cutting and measuring 8’ sections at a time, MCOR Midwest pieced together the entire width of the trough, leveling the material as they went. MCOR 4060 was then mixed and poured in place.

A Final Look

Despite the cold temperatures (50°F), MCOR 4060’s simplicity allowed Gil and his two man crew to complete the entire project in two days. Upon inspection in January (two months after the application), the tanks were in outstanding condition. MCOR Midwest feels confident that this application has increased the integrity of this structure and that it will withstand the freeze / thaw temperatures of Kansas’ seasons for years to come.

PROJECT: Water Storage Tank/Base Sealing Project
OWNER: City of Emporia Municipal Water
DATE: November 2016
PRODUCTS: MCOR 4060 | mFlex MD Fluid Elastomer

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