Wastewater treatment clarifier trough lining with MCOR 1161

Newly constructed clarifiers were built as part of the Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department’s expansion of the South District. To ensure preventive, maintenance, the county decided to coat the troughs and steel structures to prevent destructive algae rooting and H2S attack. The troughs had also become corroded due to erosive forces over their years of use.

The clarifier, which was approximately 60 meters (200 feet) in diameter, was first prepared via 690 bar (10,000 psi) hydrojetting to remove surface laitance and curing agents. Then the surface was troweled with an epoxy-modified mortar, MCOR 5800 | mCrete ROC Liner.

The MCOR 5800 provides a uniform surface and, most importantly, creates a barrier to prevent or minimize occurrences of outgassing and moisture vapor transmission (MVT).

Once cured, the 5800 was ready to accept top coats of the specified coating, MCOR 1161 | mCoat IM 61.

MCOR 5800 will act as a primer and barrier to mitigate against the outgassing and mvt that are common problems with new concrete often overlooked.

5800 can be applied as thin as 1.5mm (1/16″), provide an economical resurfacer and failsafe.

Bond strength testing was specified to ensure proper cure and adhesion of the 5800 to the bare concrete substrate.

The top coat of the epoxy coating protective system was sprayed with plural component equipment. The specified coating system called for two 0.5mm (20 mils) coats for a total DFT of 1mm (40 mils).


The first coat was successfully applied and allowed to cure for 18 hours. Then the first coat was inspected and touched up as needed. Touch-ups were performed with a brush and/or rollers and allowed to dry for a few hours prior to applying the final top coat.

When the final coat of the MCOR 1161 was cured, scheduled inspection with high-voltage holiday testing (spark testing) was conducted. This test ensured that the product was free from compromises or pinholes. If pinholes were found, touch-ups were made prior to returning it to service.

Holiday (spark) testing to ensure no pinholes.

The final coating of MCOR 1161 completed the two coat system.


After completion of the second coat, the MCOR 1161 | mCoat IM 61 gave the clarifier trough a protective barrier against from ultra-violet rays, erosion, and microbial corrosion, and the high-gloss surface provides resistance from algae rooting in the concrete, making it an easy-to-clean solution.


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Barrier resurfacing mortar (MCOR 5800)
Spray Applied, Urethane Modified Epoxy Coating  (MCOR 1161)
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