Tipping Floor Rehabilitation

The Problem
Abrasion, impact, aggressive chemical attack, and damage caused by equipment and vehicular traffic created the common requirement of repairing the tipping floors at this Waste to Energy operating facility.


Solutions that Work
MCOR 5555 | mCrete FloGrout Androquartz solution, with properties for leveling, retopping, and form-and-pour, could provide ultrahigh-build material with remarkable corrosion protection, wear resistance, and overall industrial‐grade strength and durability for handling the tipping floor environment.

Products that Out-Perform
MCOR 5555 (mCrete FloGrout) is a 100% solid epoxy, designed as a 3-component, slurry-grade, high-media filled polymer for topping or cladding. The mCrete FloGrout system is formulated to provide a high-build, sealed, protective and abrasion-resistant epoxy repair or dense slab for wear areas requiring sealed protection.

No Nonsense Applications
Surface preparation to remove all oil, dirt, and contaminants using hydroblasting left concrete-blasted rebar exposed.

Once the rebar was treated, MCOR 5555 was mixed using a simple 3-component ratio. The product was hand applied by trowel to rebuild the concrete slab.

A Final Look
The self-leveling product left a high-density, high-strength sealed surface to protect against chemicals and future wear.

PROJECT: Tipping Floor Rehabilitation

OWNER: Waste to Energy Facility

DATE: 2005

PRODUCTS: MCOR 5555 | mCrete FloGrout Androquartz

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