More than a Salesman: You’ll Find a Trusted MCOR Advisor in Jon Hurst

MCOR would like to welcome one of its newest distributors, Jon Hurst of The J. Hurst Company, LLC out of Helena, Alabama (an Authorized MCOR Distributor). MCOR’s Business Development Manager, Cesar Castillo, visited Jon in Birmingham, AL last week, where the two hosted a “Lunch and Learn” and visited several facilities, including Birmingham Water Works, Cheney Lime & Cement Company, and International Paper. During these visits, MCOR’s line of products was introduced, and industry relationships were established. As outlined below, Jon’s expertise in the MCOR product line and his ability to consult and advise customers, offered solutions to corrosion problems across several different industries.

Jon Hurst Water Work Visit

Birmingham Water Works has fifty-one shops that could benefit from implementing a proactive approach that would enhance new pumps and rehabilitate the old.

At Birmingham Water Works, the Mechanical Maintenance Superintendent ran through several maintenance issues.  His particular concern was where the metal composition of several impellers were rapidly deteriorating due to cavitation effects and metal breakdown. Previously, the impellers were lasting five to seven years, but currently, two and a half years is the norm. Cesar and Jon presented a sample of the MCOR 2101 | mPlait MP coating as a solution due to the product’s self-leveling properties, coupled with its hydrophobic characteristics. In addition, Jon discussed the product’s ease of application which makes it an excellent DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) job.

The use of MCOR would also increase flow efficiency that could have a considerable economic impact, an element that warrants serious consideration.

Jon’s rapport, confidence in MCOR’s solutions, and his consultative approach left the door wide open to conduct a hands-on demonstration for Birmingham Water Works. An alternative solution was also suggested in the event the maintenance department elected not to do the work in-house. Contacting the OEM of the impellers to use MCOR’s coating could be another option.

Jon and Cesar also visited Cheney Lime & Cement Company, LHoist North America (a major supplier of lime, limestone, and clay products throughout the US and Canada), and Southern Lime / UNIMIN.

Jon Hurst Southern Lime Visit

MCOR’s extensive line of products can offer various solutions to ongoing corrosion problems, even in the harshest environments.

At Southern Lime, the Maintenance Engineer submitted an auger for repair after Jon suggested using MCOR Products as the sacrificial surface on the flights and key areas prone to erosion. Currently, the auger is only lasting approximately two and a half months due to its engagement in moving light-grade lime. Jon and Cesar are confident that the results of this repair will allow Jon to gain Southern Lime’s trust and confidence. Once again, Jon’s consultative approach left the door open to other opportunities that are currently in the planning stage.

The final presentation of the trip occurred at International Paper in Prattville, Alabama, where Jon and Cesar hosted a “Lunch and Learn”.

Jon Hurst International Paper Visit

Eroded/deteriorated concrete can be restored using MCOR products.

Jon had previously conducted a concrete repair at the plant where he used MCOR 5555 | mCrete FloGrout, an ultra high density epoxy slurry compound, on an on-site mechanical shop under a heavy equipment four-post hydraulic screw jack lift. The concrete underneath the lift was completely eroded in an area approximately 8’ x 12,’ saturated with oils. This posed an extremely dangerous injury and environmental hazard. Maintenance crew members were able to pour MCOR 5555 a few inches deep and with its self-leveling properties and rough texture, it provided an ideal surface for the mechanics to work with sure footing, without having to broadcast any additional aggregate onto the surface.

This application saved both time and revenue, and it was completed as an in-house DIY (Do it Yourself) project.

This application served as a catalyst that gave Jon the opportunity to conduct a “Lunch and Learn” with almost twenty of the plant’s key maintenance personnel and engineers. Additionally, this demonstration gained the trust and confidence of the Central Services Manager and dialogue to address the entire spectrum of repairs where MCOR may be looked upon as the ideal solution.

Jon Hurst Outage

Industry Tip For Distributors – Many plants schedule their maintenance outages months in advance (view photo of posted sign at International Paper). If distributors approach potential and future clients prior to outages as Jon Hurst does, they are essentially guaranteed those efforts will translate into being considered as part of the solution. That in turn will flourish into a long-lasting relationship with long- term dividends.

As outlined above, Jon Hurst’s hands-on approach and knowledgeable background are two essential ingredients in the success of an MCOR partnership. He is a trusted adviser of the MCOR product line, and MCOR looks forward to Jon’s continued success with his growing customer base.

When looking for a mechanical rehabilitation solution in Alabama, be sure to contact Jon Hurst of The J. Hurst Company, LLC. For more information on MCORs line of products, visit

Jon Hurst Company, LLC
Cesar Castillo – September 2014
MCOR Product Line – Alabama

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