Roof Leak Repair using MCOR 3330 and 3310

Minor roof leaks can turn into major problems if they are not addressed quickly. This 2’x2’ leak of a 40’ steel roof container was observed by Sheldon Gay, sales manager at Camquip, which is an authorized licensed MCOR distributor for Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname. Sheldon discussed repair options with Mr. Marlon Phillip, an applicator at Camquip. Due to the extent of the corrosion, MCOR  3330 | mClad Ceramic Metal and MCOR 3310 | mClad  Metal were recommended.

Roof 1

Roof 3

Roof 2

MCOR manufactures high-performance coatings and “cold” weld repair polymers for pumps, industrial components, equipment and machinery and offers five series of products for repairs. All MCOR products come in complete, easy-to-use kits that contain all the necessary tools. The 3000 series consists of pastes for reclaiming, repairing, filling, and re-dressing metal loss areas, so it was perfect for the rehabilitation and repair of this roof project.

Surface preparation included removing the previously applied coating and cleaning the surface with a wire brush. Dust and debris were cleared away, and acetone was applied to the surface area. The holes within the metal were then addressed. Fine wire mesh was screwed in place to give additional support and to cover the large gaping holes.

MCOR 3330 | mClad Ceramic Metal was then applied. Using a simple 1:1 ratio, the two-component, ceramic, reinforced, silicon-modified epoxy was applied over the wire mesh.

This trowel-grade, paste-like polymer has the composition of a liquefied paste so it can be absorbed into the holes of the mesh, filling and covering any holes.

Roof 5

Thirty minutes later, MCOR 3310 | mClad Metal was mixed and applied over the MCOR 3330. This engineering-grade, steel-alloy-reinforced epoxy product completely sealed the area with a smooth finish, protecting it from future corrosion. Once cured, this material replaces worn or lost metal and restores a metallic profile through poly-mechanical bonding. In addition to protecting the surface, MCOR 3310 exhibits good heat tolerance and advanced wear resistance cladding.

Roof 8

Roof 7

Roof 8


This simple roof rehabilitation using MCOR products solved a problem that would have led to advanced roof damage if it were left unattended, requiring a much more costly solution.

Upon completion of the project, Mr. Phillip was very satisfied with the simplicity of the product and the outcome of the restoration. He said, “MCOR pastes are very effective and different from others that I have used before.”



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