The Problem
Deterioration of machinery due to corrosion, which is common in the paper industry, requires constant attention. Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited, located in Assam, Northeast India, is no exception. Located in the facility, an internal piping trapezoidal section of a chlorine pulp washer drum was in need of restoration due to corrosion and erosion that caused heavy leakages from the drum piping.

Pulp mill

Pulp drums

Solutions that Work
The internal trapezoidal piping of this a chlorine pulp drum washer 3.5m x 5.4m (11.5’ x 18’) was leaking profusely. Mr. Maloy Kumar Sarkar of Mech-Chem Engineers, an exclusive distributor of MCOR products for India, was contacted to find a solution to restore the drum and seal the leaks effectively. After careful inspection, Mr. Sarkar suggested MCOR 3115 due to its practical “cold” application benefits, high strength, surface tolerance, and corrosion resistance characteristics. This medium-to-high build ceramic epoxy compound provided an excellent solution for this repair.

Mech-Chem Engineers, MCOR India

Products that Out-Perform
MCOR 3115 | mClad mFill is a two-component, extremely forgiving and tolerant, vertical and overhead, non-sag, fast-set epoxy compound.

It is packaged in a convenient 1:1 mix ratio designed for use in general industrial-grade metal repair, reclaiming, resurfacing, and patching.

Epoxy-based and highly modified with fibers and ceramics, this material is a durable, sealed, protective solution to combat corrosion. MCOR 3115 provides point-of-use application to save time and material. Highly tolerant for challenging areas, including moisture, the material has a wide variety of applications, and it is often used to repair, fill, patch steel and other metals and as a bonding adhesive.

No Nonsense Applications
To begin this application, the leakage points were identified and marked up. The surface was prepared using a roughing bit with a pneumatic pencil grinder to achieve bonding profile requirements. The surface was then cleared of all dirt, dust and moisture. MCOR 3115 | mClad mFill was mixed using a 1:1 ratio. It was applied to all leakage points and allowed to cure overnight. The following day, a water test was conducted to check for leaks. Two points of minor seepage were identified. The leaks were addressed using the same process and since MCOR 3115 has an open recoat window, a second coat was applied to all initial leak points.

Surface preparation using pneumatic pencil grinder

1:1 ratio mixing of product

Application of MCOR 3115

A Final Look
Prior to this application, the damage caused by the drum leakage was seriously affecting the Hindustan Paper Corporation’s plant production. This MCOR application addressed and resolved the problem, thus increasing productivity.

Points of internal trapezoidal pipes where MCOR 3115 was applied to complete repair

This cold applied product solution was an alternative to replacing expensive machine parts, and it saved the facility time and money effectively and quickly.

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PROJECT: Repair of Internal Pulp Washer Drum

OWNER: Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited – Unit: NPM

DATE: March 2017

PRODUCTS: MCOR3115 | mClad  mFill

MCOR DISTRIBUTOR: Mech-Chem Engineers,