FRP Spray Lining Systems

MCOR FRP Spray Lining Systems

Ultra-high build, spray applied fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) lining systems.

A unique formulation of advanced polymers to deliver hybrid structural-grade epoxies and novolacs, with a reinforcement package of proprietary fillers.  These fillers represent the latest in material science using cutting-edge reinforcement agents, such as synthetic fibers, ceramics, and polymer network chains to form a reinforcement network.  MCOR FRP spray systems are defined as a hybrid form of FRP. But unlike traditional FRP, the MCOR systems are spray applied and bonded FRP, which are highly thixotropic, ultra-high build, and high strength; boasting high flexural and tensile properties required for structural enhancement or reinstatement.

MCOR 6111 | FRP StructrSpray – An ultra-high build, spray applied fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) epoxy lining system.