New Construction – Chlorine and Lime Room – Secondary Containment

When a new facility is built, an owner MUST DETERMINE how to extend the life of the physical infrastructure. In particular, when a water treatment plant is built and chemicals require proper, safe storage, an owner must also determine how to protect from spillage and ensure that chemicals are contained to protect the environment. This is where MCOR excels.



After eight months of trials, the resulting formulation is comprised of a highly reactive phenolic novolac group cured with an assortment of highly functional curing agents combined with proprietary specialty additives, resulting in the MCOR product known as the MCOR 1298 | mCoat IM Plus.


This product was developed to help the industrial market protect against highly concentrated acids, caustics, solvents, and hydrocarbons. Industries working with petrochemicals, companies that provide processing and refining, and those working in marine and other harsh environments can all benefit from this material. In addition, treatment plants, such as water treatment plants can specify the material to line chemical containment areas used to store lime solutions, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, and sulfuric acid, as the North Springs Improvement District (NSID) did.


Based on the company’s long-standing relationship with MCOR and proven results in their water treatment tank-lining projects, the NSID chose to use MCOR 1298 | mCoat IM Plus, which was specified at two (2) coats of 635 microns (25 mils) each, for a total DFT of 1.25 mm (50 mils).

1st coat of MCORTM 1298 applied

1st coat of MCOR 1298 applied

The material was applied by Century Contracting, a local contractor who had been trained by MCOR. After one day of surface preparation, including acid etching and cleaning, the contractor applied the material with a roller. The first coat cured well in the morning, and in the afternoon, the contractor applied the second coat.

Final coat of MCORTM 1298 applied  for a total DFT of 1.25mm (50 mils)

Final coat of MCOR 1298 applied
for a total DFT of 1.25mm (50 mils)

MCOR 1298 | mCoat IM Plus was successfully applied at the specified thickness. The material will be unaffected by highly concentrated chlorine, and the owner expects the product to last. The requirements for secondary containment call for immersion containment with a coating that can last at least 72 hours. This coating is designed to exceed 30 days of continuous immersion, and it has an A-rating because it shows no signs of fatigue or weight loss/gain.

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PROJECT: New construction – Chlorine and Lime Room – Secondary Containment
OWNER: North Spring Improvement District Water Treatment Plant
DATE: June 2008
PRODUCTS: MCOR 1298 | mCoat IM Plus

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