MCOR Products For Storage and Containment

MCOR provides solutions for lining tanks and storage vessels.  Whether the system you require is a lining for concrete or metal, MCOR’s 1000 Series- mCoat and/or 5000 Series- mCrete will have the right product for you.

MCOR formulates a variety of coating and lining solutions for immersed environments requiring lining protection against chemicals or heat, and also for structural grade lining with robust properties for substrate rehabilitative lining projects.

For vessels storing drinking water, MCOR offers a terrific coating system approved to ANSI / NSF-61 potable drinking water standards.

Federal guidelines outline stringent regulations that apply to storage and containment areas, including secondary containment areas and other storage units (40 CFR 264.175). MCOR solutions help owners to meet those guidelines, and protect assets and facilities from costly and hazardous spills and leaks. Using MCOR’s product line to recoat, patch, or fill storage and containment units provides the security of a proven product that will protect and rehabilitate areas prone to deterioration.


Water clarifier for potable drinking water coated with MCOR 1161 | mCoat MI 61.


Secondary containment area lined with MCOR 1298, a product designed for use against the highest concentrations of chemical attack.


Immersion grade protection of a steel tank with MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM