Polymeric Cements

Repair and life extension of concrete and masonry components

MCOR’s 5000 Series | mCrete, polymer concrete solutions specifically designed to tackle the toughest concrete problems. These include solutions for deteriorated concrete, impact, vibration, and rebar-induced spalling, chemical spillage, leaks or splash problems, as well as hydrostatic pressure situations and retaining walls.

Areas such as drains, foundations, saddles, and other support structures at times are constructed with concrete and used to secure or support fluid flow systems. When these systems leak and splash, rebar deteriorates and swells within the concrete creating cracks and spalls that call for a polymer repair and protection. Excessive vibration will often result in anchoring and foundation issues that can be rebuilt with organic polymer permanency.

The MCOR 5000 Series | mCrete includes polymeric cements that repair and extend the life of concrete and masonry components. Our fast-setting products are able to seal, repair and protect various exposed surfaces, cracks, spalls or sectional deterioration on masonry structures, providing exceptional properties for waterproofing, chemical resistance, adhesion and repair.

Concrete anchoring slab repaired and restored with MCOR 5000 Series | Polymeric Cements.

MCOR Polymeric Cements are great material solutions to repair concrete cracks, voids and deterioration around pump anchors, mounting slabs and numerous other problem areas.



  • Injectable epoxy concrete repair polymers for multipurpose repairs to masonry, ideal for crack filling, grouting, sealing and bonding of equipment.
  • High build epoxy concrete repair for form filling damage and resurfacing degraded areas.
  • Permanent restoration of concrete or masonry surfaces.