Polymeric Elastomers

Repair and life extension of flexible components

MCOR’s 4000 Series | mFlex are high performance elastomers for sealing, rebuilding, repairing or creating rubber components with a cold cure solution and elimination of vulcanization processes.

These flexible rubber repair materials are ideal for applications where high build, durability, elasticity and compressed seals are needed.

Cavitation can also cause excessive pump vibration, which could damage the foundation on which pump systems sit or on which they are anchored. MCOR offers vibration absorbing foundation and anchoring grout solutions from the 4000 Series.

Oftentimes these solutions come in handy when your fluid flow systems are in need of a quick and effective sealing solution or repair.

MCOR Polymeric Elastomers address repairs requiring flexibility around flanges, gaskets, seals, rubber repairs or custom solutions.


Rubber O-Ring tear, clamped and being repaired by MCOR 4000 Series Polymeric Elastomers.


Employ the 4000 series to repair expansion joints, mechanical seals and other flexible needs.


Easily refurbish floating flanges and protect them before immersion.


The 4000 Series can be used in the casting and fabrication of custom gaskets, pads, diaphragms and conveyor belt repairs.