Reclaiming & Cladding Polymers

Advanced, high build repair polymers for precision reclaiming,
metal filling, and high build wear cladding

Erosion and cavitation can cause damage to pump bearings, wearing rings, and seals. It can also result in excessive pump vibration. Centrifugal pump bearings are typically subjected to high axial loads, marginal lubrication and high operating temperatures and vibration – all while attempting to minimize friction. While these moving parts are engaged, foreign objects can enter, friction rises, metal loss from corrosion and debris start taxing the metal and system. Although the consumables can be replaced easily, the fixed assets, and static cast or forged parts, housing areas or casings will require a more creative method of repair, outside the realm of replacement. This calls for rehabilitation and repair to reclaim the shape and integrity of the fixed metal part – precisely where MCOR can help.

If uncontrolled, friction can result in power loss, excessive heat generation, increased vibration and /or wear, including premature bearing failure. All of these dynamics can dramatically affect the service life and reliability of bearings and pumps.

Our unmatched polymer technology, combined with our engineering expertise, has allowed us to create one of the highest performing and comprehensive lines of polymer systems available for rebuilding, reclaiming, metal filling, resurfacing and the cladding of these critical components.

The MCOR 3000 Series | mClad offers engineering-grade, reinforced and densely filled epoxy compounds for repair, rebuilding and reclaiming. Products in this line provide advanced wear resistance, cladding and sealed corrosion protection, while others offer the ability to be drilled, tooled, tapped, filed or machined for the repair of engineered pump parts and fluid flow equipment that require precision finishing and dressing. Once cured, the material replaces worn or lost metal while providing you with a metallic profile with high strength bonding, reinforcing as a cold-weld alternative and maintaining the integrity of the original metal.

The MCOR 3000 Series | mClad metal repair and reclaiming compounds help:

  • “Cold” metal resurfacing and filling.
  • Rebuild components and parts without the need of specialist tools.
  • Restore and reclaim with form-mold techniques.
  • Avoid the need for “hot” work that warps the metal.
  • High strength structural adhesive for metal bonding, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, cast iron and bronze, as well as specialty alloys.
  • Creation of irregular load bearing shims.
  • Great alternative to sacrificial steel plating and lining.
  • Realize an increase in pump efficiency and performance.

MCOR repair, reclaiming, and cladding compounds include:

Common problem areas where MCOR’s Metal Reclaiming Compounds provided the solution to a “Cold” rebuilding and repair application:

1. Shaft sleeve housing
2. Flanges
3. Packaging housing
4. Wear ring housing
5. Volutes
6. Bearing housing


Eroded, corroded pump case and housing areas in need of cold-weld reclaiming and reclamation.

Common problem areas where MCOR’s Metal Reclaiming Compounds provided  a “Cold” rebuilding and repair solution:


Wear plates


Cracked and deteriorated pipe walls, elbows, and various flow components


Reformed sloppy key ways (mold-in-place)


Eroded valves and seats (butterfly, check, gate, etc.)


Eroded impellers and cut-waters


Corroded flange faces


Worn and cracked pump casings


Scored or worn shafts