Industrial-grade Protective Coatings

High performance coatings and liners for protection in harsh environments

The MCOR 1000 Series | mCoat provides the most advanced protection on steel components for industrial use. Our epoxy coatings are utilized for the harshest and most aggressive and corrosive applications, especially when immersed. They help protect against the most volatile acids, hydrocarbons and caustics while enhancing various tolerances with a high film build while increasing wear and heat tolerances.

The high performance, immersion-grade advanced epoxy coatings feature:

  • Ease of application by brush, roller or spray
  • Applied at high build film thicknesses for protection in harsh environments
  • Resistant tolerance, often used on non-immersed splash areas
  • and /or components submerged in chemicals
  • Heat tolerant and chemical resistant


Protective coating systems by MCOR include:

The MCOR 1000 Series provides this immersion pump the proper level of high film build protection and advanced protection for abrasion, chemical, and constant immersion in both caustic or acidic environments