Pumps ready for delivery, specified with high performance internal component coatings from MCOR’s advanced ceramic and titanium protection series.

Everybody involved in pumps and flow systems understands the essential role they play in the process and production of almost any industry– the backbone of many operations; they must remain resilient, efficient, and productive. Yet, these workhorses also come with a high price tag, making up a major portion of capital expenditures in any processing industry – oftentimes accounting for up to 20 to 25 percent of all the components.

Because of the high initial expense and replacement costs of flow systems, MCOR now affords the option of rehabilitation versus replacement which warrants the attention of all parties. This puts a premium on your maintenance personnel by allowing them to employ a comprehensive program to troubleshoot and apply a variety of effective repair methods when dealing with equipment as it progresses through the shop. The more in-depth a rehab program is, coupled with pro-active repair and protection routines, the by-product will equate to a maintenance culture that will yield exceptional results and return on investment.

Although pump and flow handling equipment can be a driver of production for many years, pump and flow system performance will decrease after prolonged, heavy duty or aggressive service life due to several forces at work– erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, microbial induced corrosion, abrasive wear, and cavitation. When that occurs, operations experience costly downtime, repair expenses, and underperforming production– all of which can drive up costs.

Fortunately, these outcomes can be resolved by making uncomplicated repairs and putting simple and cost-effective maintenance measures into place, making a big difference in improving downtime, performance and extending the system’s lifecycle.


Cut-water blades badly worn from years of service. MCOR’s reclaiming and rebuilding compounds, together with MCOR Reinforcement, renew these blades back to original form.


Pump suction bell in dire need of surface renewal and protection with MCOR polymers to return the structure back to service better than it was originally, this time protected against corrosion and cavitation.

MCOR offers a practical range of solutions for extending pump maintenance cycles and life expectancy while utilizing simple, rapid and effective repair methods combined with high performance coatings while decreasing the energy burden of fluid flow.

Let us prove why our high-performance, advanced polymers will save you valuable time, money and resources. The team at MCOR has been pioneering the industry for more than 40 years, serving thousands of clients across the globe. Our solutions are time tested, proven and cost-effective in repairing and protecting your pump and flow structures damaged by corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, wear and cavitation.


These casings are lined up on a workbench waiting for quick and simple “cold” metal filling for metal loss reclaiming and ceramic coating protection.


Eroded cast iron does not always warrant replacement; instead renew, restore, and improve the flange faces and eroded cylinder surfaces with MCOR’s advanced cold-applied polymer compounds.



MCOR will provide you with an arsenal of solutions in the repair of pumps and components while relying less on creating a spare parts inventory. You’ll immediately realize exponential savings that will impact the bottom line and reflect a prudent and sound return on your investment.

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