Solids Material Handling & Transferring

MCOR products specialize in rehabilitation, restoration, and protection of corrosive environments that experience extreme and harsh conditions. When considering solids material handling & transferring in high-traffic industrial areas, such as a waste facility tipping floor, MCOR provides solutions to handle the chemical attack and extensive wear.

MCOR products deliver solutions designed to withstand high impact and abrasion to deliver a return on investment and extend the facility’s service life. Solids material handling and transferring facilities can benefit enormously with the maintenance processes MCOR offers.

Repairing industrial floors in operating facilities is a common problem. MCOR’s 5555, in the 5000 Series, is the ideal solution. Whether used in a material recovery facility or waste transfer station, MCOR 5555 | mCrete FloGrout  is formulated to handle the abrasion, impact, aggressive chemical attack, and damage caused by equipment and vehicular traffic. With properties for leveling, retopping, and form-and-pour, this product provides an ultrahigh build material with remarkable corrosion protection, wear resistance, and overall industrial‐grade strength and durability for handling these environments.


MCOR 5555 | mCrete FloGrout Androquartz used for tipping floor rehabilitation at a waste-to-energy facility.


Waste facility push-wall restoration completed using MCOR products that provide solutions for solids material handling and transferring.