Resetting of pins and reclaiming elongated bushing housing can be done effectively and easily. Wear, elongation and misalignment issues can be solved in-house or out in the field with cold-polymer reclaiming, allowing you to keep the equipment local and reducing your down-time.

The world of heavy equipment is one filled with complex economic decisions concerning ROI, maintenance, repairs, and rebuilds,  and considering what pieces to retire or replace. Currently, this market segment is experiencing growth, mainly due to the increase in the construction of roads, commercial and residential buildings, health-care centers and educational facilities, plus infrastructure repairs. You will easily find many economic studies and projections indicating that we should see a healthy demand for heavy equipment for several years to come.

With this growth comes the demand for efficiencies across the board. The high cost associated with heavy equipment puts a premium on creative and innovative solutions to keep them operating out in the field and to provide a quick turnaround should they be pulled into a repair shop. Mining, drilling, and excavating machines are some of the many machines that experience severe wear and tear requiring repairs. Repairs of heavy machinery parts can range from rebuilding the threads on mating surfaces or flanges to repairing bolt holes, face key connections, integral face pad connections and broken key ways.

MCOR’s line-up of products leads to repairs that oftentimes outperform the original equipment. Couple that with the training MCOR is willing to provide, and you’ll immediately gain the knowledge, trust and confidence to turn many repairs into a Do-it-Yourself Program that will translate into a compelling and impressive cost savings alternative. Quick turn-around times will become a reality while your maintenance team’s capabilities to perform mobile or in-house repairs will be augmented.

Due to the harsh environments in which heavy equipment must operate, utilizing MCOR’s advanced mechanical polymers affords you the ability to extend the life of your equipment and increase or create a spare parts inventory that will have a significant impact on your bottom line. The fact that pieces of older and seasoned equipment and their components will then often experience less stress during use helps to ensure that repairs will maintain their geometric tolerances.

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Hydraulic rams in need of repair call for a permanent solution should they be scored or pitted and are leaking. MCOR’s 3000 series specifically the 3330 and 3310 will allow you to rebuild such rams by properly machining them back to their specifications. Since these advanced mechanical polymers do not contain any solvents, you can be sure that there will be no shrinkage in the repaired area, thus eliminating leaks as they retract and extend past rod wipers, seals or guide rings.


Whether you are operating salt trucks, loaders, graders or mining equipment – they are all exposed to high corrosion and erosion. Our MCOR series is ideal for reclaiming, and resurfacing, acting as a patch filler for metal. Utilize it to address undercarriage issues, from reinforcing welds to tank repairs. To protect assets further, consider using MCOR’s ceramic epoxy coatings to combat the effects of wear and abrasion. Moreover, they have an incredible resistance to chemical attack.

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Other areas where MCOR products can provide timely and effective repairs are in rebuilding threads on mating surfaces or flanges, and repairing bolt holes, face key connections, integral face pad connections and broken key ways to name a few. These repairs are all easily accomplished in-house or out in the field by utilizing a release agent on the mating surfaces and employing a tap or a sound bolt to establish new threads.

Many companies don’t have the luxury of rotating their equipment out of their schedule for repairs or remanufacturing. Now you don’t have to settle for a short cut or a quick fix – but can elect to conduct a long-term repair that will not compromise the productivity and reliability of your equipment. In your efforts to control or minimize your ownership and operating costs, let MCOR introduce you to a multitude of options that will allow your machinery mechanics to elevate their skills and address repairs that may have eluded them in the past and which may now be kept in-house.

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