MCOR’s Cost-effective Solutions to Rehabilitate
Private, Commercial, and Oceangoing Vessels


Cost-effective solutions for maritime vessels to rehabilitate rather than replace costly assets.

MCOR products are designed to protect all commercial or private vessels (including superyacht, commercial, and ocean-going vessels) against the corrosion that can jeopardize their durability and also rehabilitate with no need for invasive, destructive repairs. These solutions are cost-effective and eliminate the need to replace costly assets.

MCOR’s epoxy-based liners contain modified fibers and ceramics that provide a strong, resilient defense against deterioration. They deliver permeant protection against cavitation and damage for ship hulls and are an effective alternative to metal facing or welding. They can also be used for thrusters, nozzles, stabilizer fins, and other underwater ship gear prone to constant chemical attack.

Following basic surface preparation (see instructions on product-specific Technical Data Sheets), the products are applied point-of-use to save time and material. Highly tolerant in challenging areas, including wet, moist areas, MCOR materials are often sought out for steel and other metal repairs, filling, and patching, and as a bonding adhesive with quick, underwater cure times.

MCOR’s line of products leads to repairs that oftentimes outperform the original equipment. Couple that with the training MCOR is willing to provide, and maintenance crews immediately gain the knowledge, trust and confidence to turn many repairs into a Do-it-Yourself Program that will translate into a compelling and impressive cost savings alternative. Quick turn-around times will become a reality while maintenance team’s capabilities to perform mobile or in-house repairs will be augmented.


MCOR 3115 is an excellent choice for yacht hull repairs but can also be used for other marine vessel-related repairs such as radiator, fuel tank, air conditioner, bracket, and rivet repairs.


Ship owners and operators are consistently impressed with MCOR solutions. MCOR products such as MCOR 3310 offer an array of cold weld solutions to solve many common marine vessel problems.

“MCOR 3115 is excellent for marine applications. I used it as a filler for a vessel hull and saved thousands. It worked as well or better than other solutions I’ve tried, and, for the price, you can’t beat it.” – Chris Tronquet, Fort Lauderdale Marine.

MCOR products are effective in extending the life of commercial vessels. Contact an MCOR representative to discuss your specific needs and find out how these advanced adhesive liners can effectively restore and protect maritime assets.