MCOR Provides a Simple Solution to a Common Yacht Hull Problem

The Problem

Faced with the common challenge of repairing damaged and deteriorated portions of a yacht hull, Chris Tronquet, of Fort Lauderdale Marine Shipyard, was in search of a reliable solution. The 82’ custom-built aluminum yacht, Ocean Explorer II, featured on National History Explorer, needed repairs to restore the vessel’s hull. Damage included pitting, cracks, and crevice corrosion. In order to avoid cutting and welding large areas of the hull, Tronquet took the recommendation of KPT Marine and contacted MCOR, manufacturer of high-performance coatings and “cold” weld repair compounds.

Solutions that Work

During underwater inspection, it was determined that the yacht had numerous areas that needed repair. MCOR representative Michael Caputi suggested the use of MCOR 3115 | mClad mFill, because it provides point-of-use application to save time and material. Each area could be individually addressed using this metal repair material. In addition, MCOR 3115 is specifically suitable for marine environments because it is durable and provides a sealed protective solution to not only repair existing damage, but also protect against and combat future corrosion.

Products that Out-Perform

MCOR 3115 is a two-component, high strength product that has vertical and overhead capabilities without sagging. It is a fast set epoxy paste, packaged in a convenient 1:1 mix ratio to provide a general industrial grade repair, reclaiming, resurfacing, patch filler for metal. Epoxy-based, and highly modified with fibers and ceramics, the material is a durable, sealed protective solution.

MCOR 3115 is an excellent choice for yacht hull repairs but can also be used for other marine vessel-related repairs such as radiator, fuel tank, air conditioner, bracket, and rivet repairs.

The product is conveniently packaged in a 4-kilo kit and contains all necessary tools for application including mixing sticks and a mixing board with directions.

No Nonsense Applications

The surface preparation was simple. To achieve a clean surface profile, the area was sandblasted and wiped with a solvent. MCOR 3115 is supplied in two containers (base and cure unit). Tronquet mixed the product in a 1:1 ratio, using a handheld spatula, and applied the product to each deteriorated area immediately after mixing.

A Final Look
The yacht was returned to service after the complete cure of MCOR 3115 and overcoat of a bitumen epoxy finish. Tronquet was extremely pleased with the results commenting,

“MCOR 3115 worked better than other solutions I’ve tried, and for the price you can’t beat it. I saved thousands and can think of 101 other uses for it. I highly recommend it.”

PROJECT: Yacht Hull Repair
DATE: May 2018
PRODUCTS: MCOR 3115 | mClad mFill

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