4000 Series

MCOR 4045 | mFlex MD Fluid

MCOR 4045 (mFlex MD Fluid) is a two-component high performance elastomer specifically designed for sealing, rebuilding, repairing, and/or creating rubber components.  Because of its fluidity and flow characteristics, the material also serves to inject, pour, cast and form.  Popular for expansion joints or mechanical joint sealants.  Utilizing a blend of advanced urethanes and curing agents, the material is beyond a typical sealant, providing an industrial-grade polymer solution.



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  • Pumps and diaphragms
  • Flange repairs
  • Couplings
  • Machinery and equipment seals
  • Casting and fabricating rubber components
  • High durometer joint and expansion sealant
  • Flexible adhesive and rubber repair
  • Impact and shock absorbers
  • Flexible rubber lining and coating


  • 100% solid
  • 300% elongation
  • Abrasion and wear tolerance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Terrific impact and vibration tolerances
  • Convenient packaging in cartridges and tubs

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Volume Capacity:  NA
Coverage:  2.9 m2/kg. at 0.5 mm DFT

Rubber repair and sealant

  • Fill, repair, mate, seal, joint


When fully cured, mFlex MD Fluid forms an extremely tough, abrasive resistant rubber, providing a permanent, durable, and resistant sealant with high elasticity and mechanical strength.