MCOR StructrSpray FRP

MCOR StructrSpray FRP is a two-component moisture tolerant, 100% solids, high strength fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) for reinforced structural-grade spray-applied epoxy renewal and lining. MCOR StructrSpray FRP is designed to enhance, add or reinstate structural integrity while providing sealed barrier protection from corrosion, infiltration and providing shielded protection.

Exhibiting ultra-high build-up capabilities up to 5mm per pass. Once cured, resists most chemical attack, seals and protects while maintaining high adhesive bond strength. Formulated for high volume requirements to assist spray applicators seeking to utilize plural-component heated spray application with an all-in-one-shot application of FRP lining. A great alternative to costly, complicated, and labor-intensive layup composite laminate lining, CIPP, or similar, while reducing the risk for human error or defects in layering and plies. The propriety blended epoxy resin system incorporates reinforcing fibers and thixotropes with a variety of hardened silicas and ceramics that once cured yields high mechanical and flexural strength. Contains no solvents (no VOCs). Bonds to a variety of substrates, such as concrete, steel, wood, some plastics and most construction materials.  Delivers a renewed substrate while lining all-in-one shot.


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Protection, renewal, and sealed structural reinstatement and/or enhancement to fatigued, cracked, pitted, or corroded steel and/or deteriorated concrete infrastructure where FRP lining would resolve, seal, and protect. Also for new infrastructure preventive maintenance and corrosion protection. An alternative to composite laminate systems, CIPP, or other reinforced lining.

  • Restoring and lining tank walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Interior immersion protection
  • Chemical lining
  • Secondary containment areas
  • Deep shafts, tunnel and large diameter pipe lining
  • Aqueducts and penstocks
  • Rail cars, silos and other transport or feed structures


  • 100% solids, no VOCs
  • Convenient 1:1 ratio by volume
  • Indefinite recoat window
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Structural, with adaptive flexibility
  • No sag, ultra-high build
  • Surface & moisture tolerant (cures underwater)
  • Ultra-high adhesion, self‐priming
  • Fully monolithic system or for sectional lining

Kit Offerings

40 Kilo Unit (1 x 40kg, W)
1 x 20kg, MCOR StructrSpray FRP Part-A, White
1 x 20kg, MCOR StructrSpray FRP Part-B
430 Kilo Unit (1 x 430kg, W)
1 x 215kg, MCOR StructrSpray FRP Part-A, White
1 x 215kg, MCOR StructrSpray FRP Part-B

Volume Capacity:   1 kg of mixed MCOR StructrSpray FRP is 0.88 Liters.
Color = White / Off-white (W)
Coverage:  MCOR StructrSpray FRP is a 100% solid coating that will not shrink (WFT/DFT are the same). Product may be applied from 1mm (40 mils) up to 5mm (200 mils) maximum by spray, per coat.

Film thickness and coverage / 40 kg unit:

@ 1mm yields 35 m2 (375 ft2)
@ 2mm yields 17.6 m2 (190 ft2)
@ 3mm yields 11.3 m2 (121 ft2)
@ 4mm yields 8.8 m2 (95 ft2)
@ 5mm yields 7 m2 (75 ft2)

Film thickness and coverage / 430 kg unit:

@ 1mm yields 378.5 m2 (4,074 ft2)
@ 2mm yields 189 m2 (2,034 ft2)
@ 3mm yields 126 m2 (1,356 ft2)
@ 4mm yields 94.6 m2 (1,018 ft2)
@ 5mm yields 75.7 m2 (815 ft2)



MCOR StructrSpray FRP is:

MCOR StructrSpray FRP is formulated with a high crosslinking resins with a balanced filler system to achieve the proper design film to deliver high flexural and tensile strengths required to calculate structural enhancements and reinstatements as semi-structural (partially deteriorated) or fully structural (fully deteriorated) liner to new, or aging and existing infrastructure.

The MCOR StructrSpray FRP is applied via a continuousspray-on stream with heated plural component spray equipment; calibrated for high volume, high pressure spraying. This equipment, coupled with the thixotropy of the material will yield ultra-high build up lining in rapid time, laying fiber-reinforced structural epoxy at up to 5mm (200 mils) per pass. With each pass, each layer will continue to build higher to achieve thicknesses surpassing typical spray-on liners- resulting in a true build-up liner.

Because the MCOR StructrSpray FRP is able to be applied at great thicknesses, the need for resurfacing a substrate is often not required. The MCOR StructrSpray FRP solution will bridge various deteriorated imperfections, bugholes, pitting, cracks, small crevasses, etc. The product can benefit contractors by saving time and money with a renewal solution and liner in one application with one product. The MCOR StructrSpray FRP product often times can resurface and line all-in-one shot.