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MCOR 5800 | mCrete ROC Liner

MCOR 5800 (mCrete ROC Liner) is a next generation, advanced epoxy modified mortar. A formulated blend of cutting-edge waterborne epoxide technology with proprietary engineered curing agents; combined with a precise balance of Portland cement, toughened ceramics, graded silica aggregate, synthetic fibers and silica fume to produce a new generation of epoxy mortars. The material presents a smooth mortar application with the hardest surface in the industry once cured. MCOR 5800 is industrial-grade and exhibits excellent acid and chemical resistance unlike any mortar technology before it, with incredible adhesive properties (even when applied thin), enhanced barrier sealing capabilities assisting with minimizing out-gassing, hydrostatic and moisture vapor transmission (MVT).

Often specified as a stand-alone liner surpassing corrosion protection of older mortar lining technologies (even outperforming dated technologies, such as calcium aluminate), the mortar also acts as an enhancement to any subsequent epoxy top coat systems. With a resinous open crosslink during initial cure it serves as a bonding layer and crosslinking system, boosting the adhesion of top coats and making any system cohesively improved and better performing in combination; the mortar serves as a self-priming underlayment, top coated with a variety of high-performance epoxies and polymer technologies for use when dealing in extremely aggressive environments.

MCOR 5800 is a high-performance solution for lining, surfacing/resurfacing, and patching voids on concrete substrates. The mortar may be hand or spray applied, typically between 1.5mm – 25mm (1/16” to 1”). MCOR 5800 provides an extremely dense matrix and will accept coatings at earlier stages than typical Portland cement repair products.

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Uses include repairing concrete walls, ceilings, lining brick or concrete infrastructure, etc.

  • Industrial infrastructure repair / resurfacing
  • Sanitary sewers / manholes / lift stations
  • Water + wastewater treatment plants


  • Advanced epoxy-modified-cement technology
  • Next Generation, chemical resistant mortar (surpassing calcium aluminate)
  • Sulfuric and hydrosulfuric acid protection
  • Used to repair or as a stand-alone liner
  • Seals I&I and reduces hydrostatic MVT, and outgassing
  • Same day recoat / top coat (3 hours after applied)
  • Incredible adhesion
  • Self-priming open resinous cross-link for top coat bond optimization
  • No need for further preparation after cure
  • Ultra-thin film capability 1.5mm – 25mm (1/16” to 1”) per pass

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Concrete repair

  • Repair, patch, fill, liner