5000 Series

MCOR 5105 | mCrete R Compound

MCOR 5105 (mCrete R Compound) is a two-component moisture insensitive, highly adhesive, chemical resistant, 100% solids, high strength epoxy paste with superior adhesion. Incorporating toughened silica for industrial durability with fiber-reinforcement blending in its matrix to create a fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) compound. mCrete R Compound can bond to most surfaces, hand vertically, and exhibits incredible bond strength. This structural-grade polymer can enhance any substrate for repair and protection.   mCrete R Compound is certified to ANSI/NSF-61 for contact with potable drinking water.


mCrete R Compound is truly versatile and can be used as an adhesive, patching filler, or even as a high-build (1/2” vertical/overhead), stand-alone protective liner. The polymer creates a permanent sealed repair for both shallow and deep repairs- to fill, patch, reanchor, restore. It bonds both vertically and overhead. Contains no solvents (no VOCs). mCrete R Compound bonds to concrete, steel, stone, wood, brick, and most construction materials.



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The mCrete R Compound has been proven in many aggressive, enclosed, immersive, and partially opened environments. mCrete R Compound performs in areas subject to chemical attack, and as a sealer preventing oxidation while holding back water migration and hydrostatic pressure. Ideally suited as a protective coating/lining solution, repair or filling epoxy as:

  • Adhesive, segmental and anchoring epoxy
  • Reinforcement compound
  • Structural patching and filler
  • Concrete repair with sectional or total protection
  • Protective, structural-grade coating and liner
  • Ultra-high moisture, wet solution
  • Ideal for various substrates including masonry, metal, wood, and some plastics


  • “Green” – 100% solids, no VOCs
  • Toughened durability
  • Indefinite recoat window
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Structural, with movement tolerance
  • No sag, ultra-high build, trowel-applied
  • Surface & moisture tolerant (cures underwater)
  • Ultra-high adhesion, self‐priming
  • Great for sectional lining requirements

Kit Offerings

7 Kilo Unit (1 x 7kg, LGY)
1 x 5.6kg, MCOR 5105 Part-A, Light Grey
1 x 1.4kg, MCOR 5105 Part-B

Volume Capacity:   1 kg. of mixed MCOR™ 5105 is 1081 cm3 (66 in3).
Coverage:  Approximate coverage per 1 kilogram covers 0.11 m2 at 1 cm thickness (0.9 ft2 at 0.5 in. thickness).
Color = Light Grey (LGY)


Concrete repair & lining

  • Repair, patch, fill, sealing and lining epoxy

mCrete R Compound is:

mCrete R Compound is not just an epoxy, but a fiber-reinforced, moisture insensitive structural epoxy blended with toughened silica.Exhibiting high flexural strength and compressive strength. The high build epoxy polymer resolves many concrete and masonry
issues as a repair solution or as a sealed performance liner.

The polymer is formulated to bridge the gap in challenging environments for a multitude of industrial needs. The highly tolerant material exhibits incredible bond strength to many surfaces whether dry or wet. The mCrete R Compound can bond to moisture saturated-
concrete and wet masonry, has forgiving tolerances around various industrial applications and corrosives, and cures independent of air.

The mCrete R Compound is often sought for high build epoxy repairs, patching, filling, reinforcement, or as an all-in-one resurfacer and sealed corrosion resistant lining solution.