5000 Series

MCOR 5102 | mCrete R Gel Injection

MCOR 5102 (mCrete R Gel Injection) is a 100% solid injectable epoxy repair polymer for concrete and masonry applications.  Highly filled with reinforcing fibers and various silicates.  The polymer creates a permanent sealed repair for both shallow and deep repairs- to fill, reanchor, restore and inject. mCreteTM R Gel Injectioncan bond to most surfaces, hand vertically, and exhibits incredible bond strength.




  • Segmental epoxy
  • Structural caulk
  • Anchoring
  • Adhesive
  • Filler
  • Reinforcement


  • Ease-of-application with disposable cartridges and mixing tips
  • 100% solid
  • Silica filled, fiber reinforced
  • For nearly all substrates
  • Convenient 1:1 ratio by volume
  • Surface tolerant
  • Sealed and corrosion resistant

Kit Offerings

11 Kilo Kit (600mL, Cartridge Pack)
MCOR 5102 (12 x 900 g unit, GRY)

Volume Capacity:   1 kg. of mixed MCOR™ 5101 is  878 cm3 (53.6 in3).
Coverage:  1 kilogram covers 1,143 cm2 at 1 cm. thickness (1 pound covers 48 in2 at 0.5 in. thickness).


Concrete repair


Available in injection cartridges.