MCOR 4170 | mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer

MCOR 4170 (mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer) is a medium durometer, 100% solids, flexible paste-grade urethane-acrylate epoxy hybrid sealant with zero-isocyanate. Integrating a proprietary curing system, this urethane hybrid technology offers the market a safer, extra durable, more tolerant elastomeric system than older generation polyurethane technologies. This new generation of urethane-acrylate epoxy hybrid sealants undergo similar development of properties to (cold) vulcanizing which will produce higher strengths; in addition, higher moisture tolerance, increased UV resistance, better surface acceptance and adhesion, more stable and longer lasting shelf life without the concern of isocyanates.

The mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer is a two component high performance elastomer specifically designed for high build, paste-grade sealing of industrial movement areas- joints, rubbers, plastics, mating faces, and expansion/contraction areas. Because of its high build hanging characteristics, it provides a terrific vertical/overhead grade elastomer. Its formulation provides extraordinary tolerances to chemicals, wear, abrasion, and degradation while exhibiting elongation, strength and robust industrial-grade sealing.




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  • Machinery and equipment seals
  • Vertical/overhead expansion joints
  • Ring and pipe seals and joints
  • Flexible adhesive and rubber repair
  • Anti-vibration and shock mitigation
  • High build rubberized liner/coating
  • Impact cushioning


  • Isocyanate-free, no VOCs
  • Vertical and overhead
  • Excellent UV Resistance
  • Terrific adhesion
  • 100% solids
  • 200% elongation
  • Abrasion and wear tolerance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Terrific impact and vibration tolerances

Kit Offerings

8 Kilo Kit (5 x 1.6kg, LGY)
5 x 1.2kg, MCOR 4170 Part-A, Grey
5 x 400g, MCOR 4170 Part-B

Color availability:

  • GRY (grey)

The volume capacity of a 1 kg of mixed mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer is 927 cm3.

mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer is designed to be applied as a paste-grade compound; can be applied at 2.5mm (100 mils) min. to 50mm (2”) max.

mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer is a 100% solids polymer that will not shrink.  0.19 m2/kg. at 5mm DFT (0.8 ft2/kg at 500 mils DFT). Actual coverage will depend on surface conditions and irregularities.


Rubber repair and sealant

  • Fill, repair, mate, seal, joint

MCOR 4170 | mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer will:

  • Provide vertical and overhead sealing capability
  • Absorb vibration and sustain adhesion
  • Expand and contract

MCOR 4170 | mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer is:

mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer is an advanced urethane-acrylate epoxy hybrid; once cured, the material is categorized as a hybrid flexible elastomer. Exhibiting strong tensile elongation; this high strength flexible elastomer will perform for expansion, elongation, contraction, flexible sealing, impact, and for shock and vibration requirements.

mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer is a two-component paste-grade polymer. Specifically formulated to be hand-applied or squeezed through caulking/sausage packs. In addition, this paste-grade trait makes it a terrific candidate for high build rubberized coating/lining requirements or padding needs. Once cured, it becomes a durable elastomer for high build needs.

mFlex MD Vertical Elastomer through an advanced crosslinking system similar to (cold) vulcanizing; a chemical process for  converting polymers into more durable materials by the addition of elements, curatives, and other proprietary ingredients produces high strengths. Formulated for sealing and resisting industrial attack of chemicals, corrosives, abrasion and wear. These additives modify the polymer by forming cross-links (bridges) between individual polymer chains. The material is also designed to tolerate weathering elements, UV, and other degradation or constants.