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MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM

MCOR 1110 (mCoat IM) is an industrial-grade, two-component high build, novolac hybrid coating. Incorporating the best properties of both urethane and high performance epoxy in one technology. The balance of properties allows for a long-term, sustainable barrier, protecting steel and other materials from corrosion associated with immersive and corrosive conditions. Serving a variety of harsh corrosive industries, such as petrochemical, water/wastewater, marine, energy and other processing and treatment related activities.

The 100% solid hybrid coating offers forgiveness and surface tolerance, impressive adhesion and formulated for environments which are susceptible to movement, corrosive exposure, microbial and chemical attack, and vibration. mCoat IM can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. It is self-priming, so there is no requirement for logistical primer timing and it ties back into itself indefinitely.


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  • Immersed/submerged pump, casings, and pipe components
  • Interior tanks and vessels
  • Immersed machinery and equipment
  • Immersed offshore and marine structures
  • Industrial below-grade or sub-structures, columns, saddles, etc
  • Exterior protection against splash
  • Other immersed assets


  • 100% solids, no VOCs
  • Moderate impact strength and vibration tolerance
  • Surface & moisture tolerant
  • Excellent chemical & abrasion resistance
  • Cold temperature performance
  • Easy to apply by roller, brush or spray
  • Self-priming
  • Self-leveling
  • Moderate to high build
  • Semi-flexible (15% tensile elongation)

Kit Offerings

16 Kilo Unit (1 x 16kg)
1 x 10.6 kg, MCOR 1110 Part-A
1 x 5.3 kg, MCOR 1110 Part-B

Color availability:

  • LGY (light grey)

The volume capacity of a 1 kg of mixed mCoat IM is 0.91 Liters.

mCoat IM is designed to be applied as a two-coat system. Applied at 305 microns (12 mils) minimum to 635 microns (25 mils) maximum by roller/brush or 1.27 mm (50 mils) maximum by spray, per coat.

mCoat IM is a 100% solid coating that will not shrink. 1.8 m2/kg. at 0.5 mm DFT (19 ft2/kg. at 20 mils DFT). Actual coverage will depend on surface conditions, irregularities, and surface profile.


MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM will:

  • Provide asset protection in immersed environments
  • Seal against corrosion and oxidation
  • Deliver 100% solid, high build liner

mCoat IM is:

mCoat IM represents the latest in a 100% solid epoxy technologies. The coating/liner is a highly advanced hybrid- a urethane-modified-epoxy (UME), combined with novolac resin. mCoat IM possesses the advantages of both a polyurethane and epoxy together as one technology- having the superior adhesion, tolerance and strength of an epoxy, yet combined with the flexibility (by boasting tensile elongation up to 15%), gloss, dense crosslinking, impact resistance and vibration tolerance of a urethane.

The coating system is easy-to-apply by spray, brush, or roller. mCoat IM self-levels, and does not require primer. For long-term maintainability, the mCoat IM system it ties back into itself indefinitely with no need for re-blasting or abrasion. mCoat IM is formulated “green,” environmentally friendly, 100% solid (no VOCs, no solvent).

mCoat IM exhibits a high film build from 12 mils to 50 mils per coat depending on the application method and surface. This high build hybrid technology is unique and proprietary, allowing for outperforming impervious protective corrosion resistance.