MCOR #1 Reduction

MCOR #1 Reduction is a friendly and convenient, liquid thinner designed specifically for all MCOR products that advertise the use of thinners. This low VOC formula is offered as a MCOR thinning alternative to using a solvents.

Due to its unique formulation, the MCOR #1 Reduction does not damage the curing properties and protects the integrity of the performance characteristics of the polymers specified to use it, when utilized within its recommended capacity.  DO NOT overuse, use only recommended amounts and never exceed the maximum addition rate.  Read directions of the maximum limitations written on each MCOR product’s technical data sheet.

MCOR #1 Reduction will facilitate in the leveling, thinning, and ultimate decrease of viscosity. Often sought to assist in various MCOR applications where thinner layering is needed, assistance in cooler weather where material viscosity is too thick, thinner film builds are required, better leveling characteristics would be sought, or to assist in spraying.


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Viscosity thinner for designated MCOR products to:

  • Assist when thinner layering is needed
  • Assist in cooler weather where material viscosity is too thick
  • Assist for thinner film builds
  • Assist for better leveling characteristics
  • Assist in spraying


  • Low viscosity liquid
  • Easy to Use
  • Non-hazardous formula – does not incur hazardous shipping costs
  • Contains low VOC’s

Kit Offerings

800g Kit (4 x 200g)
4 x 200g, MCOR #1 Reduction (single component)

The volume capacity of 200g unit yields  200mL.