Impeller Repair Using MCOR 2101

MCOR products are ideal for restoring and protecting impellers. These 11” x 4¼” impellers are part of a five-stage firewater pump located in a facility in Galeota Point, Guayaguayare (Mayaro). The impellers were worn, corroded, and near the end of their usability. However, in addition to protecting them from corrosion and abrasion, the application of MCOR 2101 | mPlait MP allowed the impellers to be restored to their original state extending their life cycle and saving the owner money and time.

Kern Wright, Inspection Team Leader, contacted Sheldon Gay, Sales Manager for Camquip, an independently exclusive distributor of MCOR products for Trinidad and Tobago, to suggest a product that would not only restore the impellers but also protect them against future corrosion. Mr. Gay recommended the use of MCOR 2101 | mPlait MP for this restoration. The product is a low-to-medium precision-build, brushable- grade, advanced flouroceramic hybrid polymer-epoxy coating. It incorporates a proprietary blend of Teflon and high-density ceramic for applications requiring high-performance, cold-applied abrasion protection.

MCOR 2101 is an abrasion and chemical-resistant epoxy coating, that is highly modified to ensure controlled lifts and uniformity, terrific resilience, and applied convenience. It is formulated for most environments to combat corrosion, chemical attacks, and abrasion.



Hydrocarb, a reputable machine shop in Fyzabad, Trinidad, conducted the surface preparation and application. Surface prep involved blasting the impellers to an SSPC SP6 standard and removing the dust using an air compressor. The surface was then cleaned using an acetone solvent cleaner. The MCOR 2101 was then mixed carefully using a 4:1 ratio. The first coat was brush-applied in red. The following day, the second grey coat was applied, leaving a smooth, glossy finish.


Hydrocarb impeller complete


The parties involved were impressed with the MCOR 2101’s ease of application, and they were especially impressed with the self-leveling of the coating and the simplicity of the application. They would use it again for future projects and recommend it to their clients.

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PROJECT: Impellers for Five-stage Firewater Pump in Galeota Point, Guayaguayare (Mayaro)
DATE: February 2016
PRODUCTS: MCOR 2101 | mPlait MP