The property management company for the Martin Luther King Office Building, located in Northwest Miami, Florida contacted MCOR, manufacturer of industrial repair and coating polymers, in June 2015 regarding its rooftop exhaust fans. The company’s Senior Engineer was particularly concerned about the premature corrosion observed on the exhaust fans.

The Senior Engineer was searching for a turnkey solution that would minimize downtime and provide a long-lasting repair. MCOR’s approved applicator Prime Tech Coatings in West Palm Beach, Florida, was engaged.

MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM

Before Application

MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM

After Application of MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM

Due to the systemic environmental exposure of the units, MCOR  1110 | mCoat  IM was chosen for this repair. This coating is an industrial-grade, plural-component high build urethane-modified-epoxy (UME). As a novolac hybrid coating, the balance of its properties provides a long-term sustainable barrier against harsh corrosive environments.

The 100% solid hybrid coating offers forgiveness and surface tolerance, and impressive adhesion, modified with UV inhibitors. It is formulated for environments that are susceptible to movement, corrosive exposure, microbial and chemical attack, and vibration.

The product can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. In addition, it is self-priming, so there is no requirement for logistical primer timing and it ties back into itself indefinitely.MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM

Before beginning the application, Prime Tech Coatings prepared the surface of the exhaust fans by properly degreasing the fan housing (SSPC-SP 1 “Solvent Cleaning”). The surface was hand tool cleaned, wire brushed (SSPC-SP 2 “Hand Tool Cleaning”), sanded, and then profiled using a “Monti” bristle blaster. They then applied the MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM by brush and roller for a smooth finish. The next day a second coat was applied. The entire project was complete within two days.

Several months later, an MCOR representative inspected the project to see how the product had held up during an unusually wet winter season in South Florida.

The results demonstrate the quality of MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM in protecting this substrate against corrosion and providing a long-term solution.

MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM

MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM Complete


For more information on MCOR 1110 | mCoat IM visit mcor.net/mcor-1110-mcoat-im/.
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PROJECT: Rooftop Exhaust Fans
LOCATION: Martin Luther King Office Building, Miami, Florida
June 2015
PRODUCTS: MCOR  1110 | mCoat  IM


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