City Hall Wall-Mounted Water Fountain Repaired with MCOR 5101

San Fernando is the larger of Trinidad and Tobago‘s two cities and is located in the southwestern part of the island of Trinidad. Located in San Fernando, the original wooden town hall structure was built in 1834 and replaced in 1931 by the one that still stands today. The design of this building consists of three floors and suggests a Roman influence. Over the years, the original building has been extended and today, San Fernando’s city hall consists of many different sections.

City Hall, Trinidad

The interior of the building reflects similar architecture as the exterior, including a wall-mounted water fountain which was in need of some attention. The fountain’s trough had small hairline cracks throughout. The fountain was leaking and needed to be sealed and re-coated in order to function properly and control the leaks.4Pic

Mr. Jason Jones, of Laing Sandblasting & Painting Company Ltd, the contractor involved with this project, contacted Sheldon Gay, Sales Manager of Camquip, MCOR’s exclusive distributor for Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Jones was in search of a protective coating that would seal and protect this 6ft x 1ft x 2ft fountain trough. Mr. Gay suggested that MCOR 5101 | mCrete R Gel be used because it would not only repair and patch the small cracks, but would also seal and provide a smooth finish, as requested by Mr. Jones.

MCOR 5101 (mCrete R Gel) is a 100% solid epoxy repair polymer for concrete and masonry applications. Filled with reinforcing fibers and various silicates, the polymer creates a permanent seal for both shallow and deep repairs to fill, patch, re-anchor, and/or restore. mCrete R Gel can bond to most surfaces, hang vertically, and exhibits incredible bond strength. The combination of these features made this product a perfect fit for this fountain trough repair.

The surface preparation was a simple acetone cleaning. MCOR 5101 | mCrete R Gel was then mixed and applied.

All MCOR product kits come equipped with a mixing board and all necessary tools, making the product application easy and quick.

MCOR 5101 was mixed using a 1:1 ratio until there were no visible streaks or lumps. The wide plastic putty knife (supplied in the kit) was then used to spread the product evenly, at a thickness of 1/16”, filling the fine cracks in the process.


The completed restoration of the concrete trough for the city hall mounted water fountain using MCOR 5101 | mCrete R Gel created a shell-like protection over the old, existing coating and stopped all the leaks that previously existed.





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PROJECT:          Concrete Trough of a Wall-Mounted Water Fountain
OWNER:            City Hall in San Fernando, Trinidad
                  April 2016
PRODUCTS:     MCOR  5101 | mCrete  R Gel