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Welding is a common practice to repair and rehabilitate metal. However, welding has limitations and it can pose safety and health risks including electric shock, fume/gas inhalation and fire. A careful evaluation of the environment in which the welding will occur should always be conducted, particularly when working in a confined space.

Nizam Mohammed, Operations Manager at InterIsle Construction and Fabrication, was searching for an alternative to welding to restore the lower walls of a shower (3’ x 3’) inside a boat. The walls were rusted and corroded, and there were holes in the metal. Mr. Mohammed sought a product that he could use to repair and reclaim the metal without having to deal with the danger involved in using hot tools near the boat’s fuel tanks.

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Mr. Mohammed consulted with Sheldon Gay of Camquip, exclusive distributor of MCOR products in Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname and Guyana to find an alternative.


MCOR produces high-performance coatings and “cold” weld repair polymers for pumps, industrial components, equipment, and machinery. These products are often excellent solutions when welding is not an option.


Sheldon recommended MCOR 3310 | mClad Metal, an engineer-grade product perfect for metal filling and reclamation.

MCOR 3310 is a steel alloy-reinforced epoxy and is often utilized as a high-strength structural epoxy filler for load-bearing correction, tooling, and machining. It may be drilled, tapped, filed, or machined to repair equipment and parts that may require precision finishing. Once cured, the material replaces worn or lost metal and restores the metallic profile with polymechanical bonding and reinforcing as a cold-weld alternative. It exhibits good heat tolerance and advanced wear resistance cladding, making it an excellent solution for a wide range of industrial applied solutions.

In addition to MCOR 3310 | mClad Metal’s product performance, one of its additional benefits is its smart packaging and ease of application. All MCOR products come in complete kits that conveniently contain all the necessary tools and products.


Once the project was approved, Sheldon began the rehabilitation by preparing the surface. As in any rehabilitation situation, surface preparation is critical to the outcome of the job; therefore, the surface was grinded and cleaned with acetone to remove all dust and debris. The two-part product was then mixed with a 1:1 ratio and applied to the surface using the spatula provided in the kit. The holes within the metal were covered with a wire mesh to provide additional support, and the paste was used to rebuild the worn areas and wall.

Once the product was cured, Mr. Mohammed inspected the job, and he was very pleased with the outcome.  In addition to providing significant cost savings, MCOR 3310 | mClad Metal produced an excellent alternative to welding, and Mr. Mohammed plans to utilize MCOR products for additional rehabilitation projects.


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PROJECT: Steel repair using MCOR 3310

OWNER: InterIsle      

DATE: June 2016

PRODUCTS: MCOR 3310 | mClad Metal