Yacht problems require simple MCOR solutions with MCOR 3310 and 1298

Leaks and yachts are words that don’t go together. As any yacht captain or engineer knows, leaks in yacht vessels can be costly, time consuming and difficult to address. Fortunately, MCOR products such as MCOR 3310 offer an array of cold weld solutions to solve many common marine vessel problems.

MCOR 3310

Internal fuel tank leaks are particularly tricky due to the confined working space as demonstrated in this Fort Lauderdale, FL yacht. The yacht’s captain and engineer contacted MCOR, manufacturer of high performance coatings and cold weld repair polymers, in search of a permanent solution to address the leaks they had within the vessel’s fuel tank. The cost to replace the tanks would be well into six figures, and welding would give rise to further concerns about damage, that coupled with the confined space issue is what led them to search for alternative solutions.

MCOR specializes in issues such as these. The company’s array of solutions consists of products that are easy to apply with minimal surface preparation, requiring simple tools, and delivering quick turnaround time. A “cold weld” solution was suggested employing MCOR 3310 | mCladTM Metal to secure a piece of sheet metal and further protection of the repair. MCOR 3310 is an engineering grade, steel alloy reinforced epoxy.

This molecular metal is utilized as a trowel grade paste-like polymer to restore, repair and reclaim metal components of engineering grade machinery, equipment, and other mechanical components. Once cured, the material replaces worn or lost metal and restores metallic profile with poly-mechanical bonding and reinforcing as a cold-weld alternative. It exhibits good heat tolerance and advanced wear resistance cladding as a solution for a wide range of industrial applied solutions.

For additional protection MCOR 1298 | mCoatTM IM Plus would be applied to the surrounding surface. This two-component ultra-high chemical resistant phenolic novolac epoxy has been designed to specifically protect, seal, and outperform in environments which are immersed or experience flow or splash. It provides seamless, monolithic lining to seal and provide barrier containment from environment. Excellent smooth film, high gloss, impact resistance, blush resistance, chemical resistance, and U.V. tolerance.

Surface preparation was simple. The affected area was scarified with a coarse grit grinding disc, along with a sheet metal to provide a clean and solid anchoring profile for the MCOR 3310. Once the substrate was prepped, the back of the steel plate was completely covered with the MCOR 3310 and a thick coat of the same was placed on the receiving part of the tank. Additional material was used to feather around all the edges. The plate was then placed on the damaged area with forming boards placed at each end to hold it against the side of the tank, while utilizing wood wedges to apply additional pressure as it cured.

The product was left to cure overnight. Early the next morning the MCOR 1298 | mCoat IM Plus was used to coat the entire repair area for the added protection.

The surveyor employed by the yacht’s owner conducted the appropriate pressure tests two days later and was impressed with the quality of the repair and pressure readings. The entire repair was conducted using simple hand tools, brushes, applicators and mixing boards most of which are included in MCOR’s Product Kits. The product packaging is designed to provide convenience and quick turnaround time. This solution helped save money and time.

For more information on MCOR 3310 | mClad visit mcor.net/mcor-3310-mclad-metal/
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PROJECT:        Yacht fuel tank leak repair (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
DATE:              January, 2013
PRODUCTS:   MCORTM 3310 | mCladTM Metal and MCORTM 1298 | mCoatTM IM Plus

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